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Vasudeva is an instrumental/post-rock band from New Jersey. Formed in 2009, and actively touring since 2012, these guys have been making a name for themselves in the short while they’ve been on the road. The overall dynamic of Vasudeva is as pure as it gets. They’re just a bunch of long time friends who love making music together. What can we say? We love that.

Thanks to Jason Sykes, over at Pirate Ship Records, Life in Cycles is now available on vinyl for the first time ever! Each of these 3 variants is 180g and limited to only 100 copies. Out of that 300, 33 of each variant will be going to the band to take on tour. They’ve got some dates lined up throughout Europe and the UK, alongside Tides Of Man, so if any of you guys are over there… be sure to catch a show! After hearing this record, you’ll want to.

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The Details

Vasudeva - Life In Cycles LP

Available for the first time Vasudeva's Life in Cycles is something really special. Bright and uplifting, deep and fulfilling, Life in Cycles engages emotionally while stunning with intricacy from each band member. Mathy and upbeat while grounded in post-rock sensibility lots in interplay and cohesiveness complement each other fluidly. While not a concept album per say there is a certain thread that runs constant throughout that makes pressing this on vinyl as a full piece only makes sense.

Available on three different 180gram vinyl variants all limited to 100 in black inner sleeves and resealable outer sleeves.

*Orders with multiple of the same colorway will be canceled..If you are buying one for your friend you can place two separate orders with two separate names and addresses. Flippers be damned.

Thanks to Jason Sykes for the tip!

Price $20

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