RIYL: Matthewdavid, Odd Nosdam, Arborist, Litesalive, Bre'r, Heaping/Hiding, Jerome Baez, Drawing Trees, Jacob Kart, Engines, Ant'lrd

Label: BARO

Surprisingly enough, one of BARO‘s first releases is still available. This came out three years ago, so give it some love if you like what you hear. BARO isn’t something you can classify, and at this point I’m tempted to call it a cousin of Kranky. This compilation, in particular, lives up to the definition of sampler. Jacob Kart and Drawing Trees’ tracks toe the line between fractured post-rock and ambient. Engines is a deformed take on musique concrète. Ant’lrd’s track is a woozy, distorted, beat track for the first half then in the second half becomes a swamp beast, then fades away in its last moments of life.

Jerome Baez’s “Twn Pks” is reminiscent of a White Rainbow track, in its straddling of new age, noise, and drone. Heaping/Hiding’s track is folk from another dimension – not quite freak folk. Matthewdavid’s track is a psychedelic, nostalgic collage of sound. Odd Nosdam’s track is like a reductionist take on a post-rock track, or even hip-hop beat, that will remind you of Joe Knight’s Rangers. Litesalive’s track sounds like it could fit right in with Mamoru Oshii’s Angel’s Egg with its quieted intermeshing of hope and abyssal despair. Arborist’s track is something of a maximalist, and fuzzed out, version of what you might hear in Minecraft’s soundtrack with its twinkling synths chiming away. Lastly, Bre’r’s is good old classical drone. Listen to the Bandcamp stream below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

12" green marble/translucent emerald vinyl LP in white DJ sleeve with paste-on front/back covers for $10.
Mastered summer 2012 by Matthewdavid in Los Angeles, CA
(Limited silk screen cover version is sold out!)

Available now.
$10 includes shipping in USA.
Outside USA pays for shipping.

Price $10

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