RIYL: Eluvium, The Album Leaf, Loscil

Label: Your Master’s Voice Records

From the musical minds of Parisian experimental electronic duo UNDICII and emergent visual artist Arnaud Liard comes Resurgence, a 6-track album with a coinciding 6-piece art project that took almost 2 years to complete. Essentially, UNDICII designed a box concept around each song and created a drawer underneath it to house each vinyl record. The records themselves are stunning, each engraved on one side and individually painted on the other by Arnaud Liard. When asked what inspired the project, the collaborators recalled “exploring abandoned spaces in suburban Paris” and dreaming of a way to meld painting and music into one entity.

As for the music, UNDICII turn experimental electronic music, jazz, post rock and synth-based soundscapes into their own fluid voice. If Arnaud Liard were to turn this endeavor into a gallery experience, UNDICII’s music would undoubtedly be the perfect choice to soundtrack the evening. As one could expect, these 6 art pieces aren’t going to be cheap. Each one will cost about $950 in USD. Good news, though! They’ve also created a batch of cassettes that still feel rich in design quality. You can check out the photos and buy a copy HERE for a cool $20.

Obviously, I’m not expecting any reader to rush to the ‘buy’ button here, but wanted to share a genuine portrait of music and art from a group of people who have taken the concept of physical expression to the next level. Inspiring!

The Details

Music & Conception : Undicii
Paintings : Arnaud Liard

- Painting: 32x32 cm / Frame: 50x50 cm
- Acrylic paint, concrete, cardboard
- Maxi 45 rpm vinyl: one engraved side and one acrylic painted side
- Drawer and opening on the side

Each piece contains 1 track from the album.

Additional Images

Price $950

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