RIYL: Beak, Cluster, KAEB, Suuns, Follakzoid, Can, Neu!, SilverApples, early Kraftwerk.

Label: Cinedelic Records

Limited Edition of 250 Clear Vinyl 2xLP
Includes 12″ double-sided print, 5×5″ postcards, and two stickers

Listeners beware! You are entering into a realm of many paths and you must be prepared to take any that present themselves to you. The trees will speak to the tune of unfiltered spirit.

Our intention is to create music with an unrehearsed minimalist approach performing simple beats, riffs, and sequences that take one inward. We attempt create a sonic environment to set one’s mind free and to become aware of the nuances of tone, melody, and structure. We organize our recording equipment with the same approach, in a transparent manner. Our recorded performances are never rehearsed. Our belief is that a brilliant rehearsal is a lost opportunity to capture a magical moment. We are chasing the mystery of music and tone. We let the musical performance sculpt its own destiny and create imperfect perfection. Our tool of creation is the anxiety one feels when they are unrehearsed or prepared for a performance. We believe this approach brings us closer to the authentic self. The result is genuine music without an agenda that captures the unfiltered spirit.
Trees Speak

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