If you listened to either of the records leading up to this release then you know what to expect with “III”!! These guys step up their power with each and every release and this one does so with exponential force! The layered guitar work and calculated instrumental frenzies are something to be admired as the rage and aggression pours forth on this release. Each and every track on this album is phenomenal. Getting through this one is a vast journey as it’s the heaviest and most profound of the three they’ve released. A journey I have taken many, many times now!!

Give it a listen. It will pull you right in!

The link below will direct you to the Chrystal Clear/White/Transparent Blue variant (pictured above) but if you’re interested in the Yellow/Green version (pictured below) then just click HERE.


The Details

Vinyl edition in a Chrystal Clear, White & Transparent Blue colour, limited to 100 copies.

Vinyl edition in a Yellow & Green colour, limited to 100 copies.

- Standard Sleeve with 3 mm spine.
- Black Paper Bag.

"III" is a furious album. There´s a lot of rage in these songs. The sound is brilliant. Guitars are agressive. Title songs talk about spiritism and death. Cover has been painted by Chelsea Green Lewyta, who made "II" too, and packaging is made by Victor García-Tapia.

001. Ara Caeli
002. Cielo Negro (Black Sky)
003. Requiem

004. Marte (Mars)
005. Lilim
006. Espírita

Price $19

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