Toundra is a post-rock/post-metal band from Madrid, Spain that formed back in 2007. “I” is the brooding beginning for these guys as they lay the groundwork for whats to come; a foundational record from which they have so dominantly built. This record contains the ferocious beginnings of an instrumental band that clearly has control over a sound unique unto themselves; comfortable in the fury!!

Sadly, I can’t seem to find anybody who carries this release in the US. That’s alright though. The fine folks over at Aloud Music Ltd. still have both variants in stock where most others only have one or none! I bought my copy from them and couldn’t be happier!

Check out the music down below and be sure to take a look at the posts for their subsequent releases “II” and “III”.

This is the starting point from which the epic journey begins! And trust in me, it only gets far more dominant from here!!

The link below directs to the Silver/Black variant (hardest to come by; pictured above). If interested in the Silver variant (pictured below) you can purchase it HERE.


The Details

Toundra´s first album, reissued in silver & black vinyl, limited to 150 copies. Remastered by Victor García (Ultramarinos).

1 - Bajamar
2 - Pleamar
3 - Medusa

1 - Órbita
2 - Jauría
3 - Tesalia
4 - Génesis (Bonus Track)

Price $19

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