NOTE: The previous releases have sold out in the FIRST DAY for the /100 variants. If you want Pink, you better jump on it!!

The final leg in the Toe collection that Topshelf Records is releasing on vinyl!!

This is Toe’s fifth release overall and the one just prior to For Long Tomorrow (which we announced pre-order for about a week ago).

Since this has been such a long awaited pre-order, I’m going to cut it short and let you scroll down to make your decision!!

Music is just south!!

The Details

toe - New Sentimentality

Price: $13.00

About: This EP was originally released in 2006 and is being pressed on vinyl for the first time ever. It comes in a die cut lp jacket and has 4 inserts.

This item is for a copy of New Sentimentality on vinyl and a digital download of the album.

1. ็น‹ใŒใ‚‹้ฅใ‹ๅฝผๆ–น
2. 1/21
3. New Sentimentality
4. ใ‚ฐใƒƒใƒ‰ใƒใ‚ค

Limit 2 of a specific color per customer

We also have other toe merch available.

Please note that this is not currently in stock and will not be shipping until just before the scheduled release date. Digital downloads (if applicable) will be sent on or just before release date.

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Price $13

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