As the album cover would suggest, Tjutjuna takes you on a colorful and wild ride through their debut on Fire Talk. Although the Denver four-piece appears to bill itself as a psychedelic rock group, I do hear plenty of post-rock influence on this thing. The song “Fist” sounds like a Broken Social Scene, moreover a KC Accidental B-side. “Rise/Set,” a song I would consider post-rock, sets up the mood for “Fist” expertly in the very last minute with a droning synthesizer and one of the guitars sounding like it’s in its dying days. “Fist” is like the funeral song for “Rise/Set.” “Tobermorey” returns the album to a psychedelic atmosphere with its ritualistic drumming and its bent-out guitar work. With an album as solid as this, I’m surprised the label hasn’t run out of copies, especially for the reasonable price it has posted for it – it’s been out for three years now. Check out Tjutjuna below via the Spotify player and see what you think of it! Cheers!

The Details

The Debut Album from Denver's Tjutjuna
pressed on High Quality 180 gram vinyl and limited to 500 copies!!

Price $14

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