NOTE: Exact pressing numbers are unknown as the label hasn’t provided pressing numbers for any of the recent variants of this record. It simply just disappears when sold out to never be recreated exactly the same way again. For those who are unfamiliar with this record, the label typically alters the cover artwork as well as the vinyl color; that way, this record remains different and unique for each and every pressing.

The last time we had a chance, here at Sly, to post about This Will Destroy You’s pinnacle record, Young Mountain, was back in December 2012!!!!!!!!! The funny part, I hadn’t even begun officially contributing to Sly yet! WOAH, time sure skips ahead.

Released back in 2006, Young Mountain quickly became a crucial record within the realm of post-rock. Although this “sub-genre” takes on many forms of diverse instrumentation, Young Mountain brings a deep clarity within the ambiance of their swirling crescendos. This Will Destroy You was the second band within this sound that I heavily immersed myself into when attempting to understand the impact that post-rock has… and quite honestly, it’s a commonly revolved record to this day and will remain a staple gem in the collection. I’d, without a doubt, claim this a MUST OWN post-rock record to have in your collection. If you’re just getting into the post-rock sound?.. Perfect start for ya!

Now, this particular variant marks roughly the 12th(?) pressing and 30th(?) variant overall. If that doesn’t speak to the behemoth quality of this record, then I’m at a loss for words.

Be sure to check this one out and grab it while it lasts!


The Details

Now in the webstore: THIS WILL DESTROY YOU Young Mountain LP on green vinyl.

Copies are also available at every show on the band’s current western US and Canada tour!

Price $11.99

Listen on Spotify

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