Everyday Including marks the bands debut full-length and is full of meandering beauty. This release certainly has post-rock and shoegaze tendencies, often very cinematic in scope, but, as ambiguous as these genres can be, we certainly can’t discredit the outstanding experimentation that these tracks  so pronouncedly convey, as a unique compilation, unto themselves.

These tracks are filled with lyrics of deep introspection, questioning of the uncertain, and even pondering of the unattainable. You can feel the reflection in the progression of each track. Both lyrically and instrumentally, this album will pull you into an ether of distortion as the dismay finds clarity, only to warp into a frenzy once more in search of resolution. You can certainly see how the album artwork coincides perfectly with the mood expressed throughout these tracks!

Originally released through a Kickstarter campaign, Everyday Including was held with high regard and an equally high demand. This marks the First Pressing of Everyday Including!!

If you’re in the Bay Area, I’d highly recommend checking out Tricycle Records!!

The Details

The Union Trade "Everyday Including" CD/VINYL

Track Listing

1. Self Possession
2. Talk
3. Accident Prone
4. For The Resilient
5. Strings Break (Album Version)
6. Upstream
7. The Nights Are Getting Longer
8. Violent and Beautiful (Album Version)
9. Crescent
10. Like Minded
11. Everyday Including Holidays

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Format: Audio CD / Digital Download
Release Date: 7/5/2008
Catalog: Tricycle0010

Price $20

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