UPDATE (3/31/14): This campaign is now FULLY FUNDED. Orders will close on April 2nd, 2014 (this Wednesday) at 5pm EST.

NOTE: This is a Kickstarter campaign, you will be committing a set amount of $, depending on your choice of purchase, that WILL NOT BE CHARGED unless this project is funded. This means, you’d be charged on, or around, April 2nd, 2014.

We absolutely love being able to make mention of great artists and musicians doing their phenomenal thing. Melody Summer stands tried and true to this concept we love so much! … and simply put, recordings like this are few and far between these days.

Calming, peaceful, even soothing… yet thought provokingly invigorating… The Tumbled Sea delivers beautifully ambient and transcendentally empowering recordings with Melody Summer. I see this album being useful for those days when you know studying is a must or when stress has peaked and has you boiling over. It’s just damn perfect.

Everybody should have at least one record in their collection capable of the subtly powerful effects found in Melody Summer.

Give Melody Summer a thorough listen and see how it works for you. We all have sincere words for the music that mysteriously impacts us. Personally, I can go on and on about a given release; as I imagine we all can. But a recording like this… it breaks everything down, bringing you full circle, in a contemplatively empowering way.

For only $18, you will receive: a 150g, colored vinyl version of Melody Summer packaged in a letterpress printed sleeve w/ the original artwork as well as a vellum printed ‘Thank You’ card w/ Tumbled Sea artwork and your name hand written.

Of course, being a Kickstarter, there are MANY options as to what you may choose to purchase.

With only 4 days left, this project has accumulated $3,083 of their $4,200 goal. The question is, can we help them reach it? You can count me in.

The Details

The Tumbled Sea (Kickstarter Campaign)

Limited edition pressing of Tumbled Sea 'Melody Summer' vinyl LP and CD containing 'Melody Summer' and 'Songs by the Tumbled Sea' .

Futurerecordings is a DIY label with 38 releases to date. All releases are hand made/screened/stamped/numbered and available in small Lmtd runs. Tumbled Sea is amazing. This is simply one hell of a record.

Futurerecordings and Tumbled Sea believe that Kickstarter is an awesome way for DIY labels and bands to have a chance to make high quality releases that would not be possible without initial support from people who love the band and the label.

This is an experiment that needs you. With your support you not only get a amazingly awesome record from one of the best, most creative musical talents around- You get to show that independent DIY labels and bands like Futurerecordings and Tumbled Sea can continue to release quality art and music without compromise to defeating finances. A chance for a great record to come to life!

FREE STREAM OF THE WHOLE KICKASS ALBUM: https://futurerecordings.bandcamp.com/

Thanks to JoshuaNilk for the tip!

Price $18

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