As I was strolling the web in my digital slippers this morning, I was reminded of this 7″ by The Octopus Project! Now, this might be old news to the people out there who has already consumed their daily dose of caffein, but if you’re still not quite awake this might get you up and about! This was actually released in June last year on Peek-A-Boo Records, and it seems that the band still has some copies for sale through their website. Featured on their latest album “Fever Forms”, “Sharpteeth” is an utterly brilliant track, so you should definitely consider buying this for the friendly price of 5$..  On the flipside you’ll also find a “Cosmic Redaction Version” of the title-track (basically a theremin-version) and the more electronic tune “Microchasm”.


The Details

Peek-A-Boo Records is proud to announce that Austin's favorite experimental pop band returns with its fifth studio album, Fever Forms, on July 9th, 2013. The single “Sharpteeth,” drops two weeks before the album. But proceed with caution: As tempting as it may be to keep “Sharpteeth” on repeat, the soaring guitorchestra and haunting Theremin lead may reduce some listeners to puddles of tears after about the 250th consecutive listen. Litigation is still pending, so that is all we can say on record at this point.

The “Sharpteeth” single also features two exclusive non-album B-sides: “Sharpteeth (Cosmic Redaction Version)” and “Microchasm.”

released 25 June 2013

Price $5

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