Presence: It pulls you in. Relaxing, enigmatic moments. You escape reality into the ether, indulging in the epic scope of it’s unveiling. You roam across the lands, imagining, believing, that every moment should be this way: bright, open, skies filled with adventurous clouds wandering to and fro; the smell of the wind’s plethora: rain from the distance, tree bark, a freedom you are among, but not yet near. As you ascend, you find yourself amid a change, a depth, a light. An explosion cracks the sky open; an epic burst, transcendent, awakening. You are alive…

Absence: Overcome, stricken. The day is distraught. Confused, you wander. You are uncertain but remain optimistic. “Who am I?” You search, but what for? The beginning, is but the end? The clamoring silences. You can think once again. You gather your thoughts, your recollections; you try to remember as clarity comes forth. With it, comes anger, adrenaline, fear. You scurry across the lands with a certainty that only the uncertain can have. A derelict among desolation, dismay. You stop. You see the light once more as it pours back into you. There is a freedom amid this moment. An enlightenment never before felt…

Step into the world of Shy, Low.

The Details

Binary Opposition 12" Vinyl Record

Side A: Presence
Side B: Absence

©2013, Shy, Low. All rights reserved.

Price $12

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