Metalgaze.  Shetal.  Call it what you want, but there is a wave of up-and-coming metal artists influenced by Kevin Shields as much as Tony Iommi, and they’re heading straight for your chest cavity with no intentions of mercy.  Sannhet, one of the more intense groups on Flenser Records, made a crushing impact onto the scene with their 2013 experimetal opus Known Flood.  If you enjoyed This Will Destroy You’s Tunnel Blanket (a major departure from the group’s melody-driven albums), and loved Deafheaven’s critically-acclaimed Sunbather, then your $16 will be well f-ing spent.

Guitars twinkle and gleam through dense walls of noise, but it’s the experimental tinkering (rhythm changes and ambient intermissions) layered into the cracks that makes Sannhet a truly interesting listen.  The weight of this thing will undoubtedly break your ribs, but your ears will thank you for the journey.  Watch the teaser for the new album and listen to the heavy, leaden Known Flood in its entirety below:


The vinyl comes on orange, white or black.  While numbers haven’t been specified on the pressings, it appears that the orange is going quickest.

The Details

Sannhet’s second full-length, Revisionist, is set for release on March 3rd via San Francisco’s Flenser Records. The 9-track LP is a dizzying concoction of math-metal intricacy, prismatic pop shimmer, and dense metallic crush, taking the metalgaze sound of like minded modern metal combos like Deafheaven or Alcest and adding more dynamic indie rockisms and churning noise rock crunch.

Price $16

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