RIYL: Beware of Safety, Caspian, God Is An Astronaut, If These Trees Could Talk, Pelican

Label: Suicide Squeeze

Station, the album that started my search into the chaos and beauty of the sub-genre know as post-rock. Released on May 8, 2008 this would be Russian Circles’s second album and also their first release off their new label, Suicide Squeeze. The album starts off with Campaign, a track that breathes atmosphere through Mike Sullivan’s guitar looping and Brian Cooks bass work, followed by Dave Turncrantz intricate¬†drumming. Campaign’s atmospheric beauty fades away and Harper Lewis eerie presence chaotically unfolds into Russian Circles. The album ends with Xavii, giving the listener a full circle of the post-rock experience.

Now it’s 2016 and finally we have a repress of Station, so be glad you didn’t have to fork over a hefty fee like some of us here at Sly did for the first pressing. Nevertheless, this pressing will sell out fast so don’t miss out on adding Station to your post-rock arsenal.

The Details

Station Re-Issued with first edition of packaging with Green overlay.

Limited Variant of 1k copies in Black & Olive Green color in color vinyl.

Price $19.99

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