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Label: Sargent House

It’s been a while since we’ve talked Russian Circles over here at Sly. Even though most of their catalog has been pressed a few times over, many folks variant collect these records and prove that they don’t stay up for long. For me, it’s been almost a decade since my buddy in college turned me on to this band. Those were the days long before I knew anything of the many, vastly reaching tentacles that exist under the beautifully ambiguous reach of the sub-genre known as “post rock” that’s become so popular.

With this post, we see Russian Circles’ first release, Enter, finally finding it’s way back into their shop. At one point, I spent a fair sum just to get a copy of this gem. Last repressed in 2014, it sold out VERY quickly. Now, fresh out of the pressing plant, you’ve got the opportunity to own this one at a retail price and on a gorgeous variant – Milky Clear w/ Black Swirl.

If you don’t own this record, this is a damn fine opportunity to change that.

The Details

12" Milky Clear w/ Black Swirl Vinyl pressing. (limited to 1,000) Comes with digital download card.

Also while supplies last each order will include an original 11x17" Enter poster. First come first serve.

Price $19.99

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