To all our American readers at home and abroad – Happy Thanksgiving! Today is a time where you usually meet up with your family/friends or both and stuff your face with a smorgasbord of food, then regret all the calories later; maybe you live on the wild side and don’t even think about that. You might have seen that South Park this month featuring Randy Marsh’s smorgasvein concept and you’re thinking that’s a good idea to implement for the festivities this year. While you set up that smorgasbord and that smorgasvein up, The Nudes is an album you should consider having on to soundtrack this momentous occasion. If you read the album synopsis below, Pele even recommends you have a cup of coffee and stuff your face with five pounds of lasagna (replace ‘lasagna’ with Thanksgiving fare and voila). The Nudes has an elasticity to it that will keep your party lively. Stream The Nudes on Spotify below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

The Nudes (Pele's fourth album) expands upon the solid territory that 1999's Elephant established.

Pele's guitarist, Chris Rosenau, recorded The Nudes in various living rooms and basements. Besides his prolific guitar work, his engineering portfolio is also extensive, having recorded the likes of Vermont, Camden, The Promise Ring, Paris, Texas, and others, as well as being at the helm of all past Pele releases.

Jon Mueller (who along with Rosenau is also a member of Collections of Colonies of Bees and Volcano Choir) plays drums, percussion, and keyboard. Matt Tennessen (Ezra Pound, Paris, Texas) provides bass.

Pele would like you to buy The Nudes, put it on and have a cup of coffee, eat 5 lbs. of lasagna, or hit the streets and pick a fight with a stranger.

Whatever your state of mind, The Nudes will complement and enhance it, leaving you with a memorable feeling of self-satisfaction.

Price $14

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