Yeah, you read that title right – there are eight LPs used for this one album. This album is over six hours long. This album is actually longer than “I Found a Star on the Ground” by the Flaming Lips. Let that sink in. This album is not for the faint of heart. If you’re a type where you have to sit through the album from beginning to end, this is going to be quite the commitment for you to uphold. Natural Snow Buildings are a French male/female duo and they’ve been on the grind for around sixteen years. They have developed a cult following and they’ve only released their work on ultra limited cassette tapes or CDs. Obviously, these sell out quickly so it’s quite the event to see one of their grandiose and palatial albums reissued on to CD and vinyl for a slightly wider run – this particular album came out four years ago. What you’ll find on this thing is drone, dark ambient, ambient, post-rock and psychedelic folk.  Each of these boxsets (CD or vinyl) have been redesigned with their own unique hand-painted covers and they have inserts drawn by Solange Gularte (aka Isengrind), one half of Natural Snow Buildings. For an additional $5, you can get the whole album on CDs as well. Miraculously, there is a full stream of the album on YouTube so I’ve linked you to it down below. See what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

*Daughter of Darkness LP box set comes with 8 LPs held in redesigned, hand-painted LP jackets, a NSB sticker & insert drawn by Solange Gularte, one half of Natural Snow Buildings.

Natural Snow Building’s Daughter of Darkness first appeared in 2009 as a set of six cassettes limited to 150 copies. Primarily consisting of side-long compositions with the band’s signature layered instrumental reach towards sublimity, the project has the power and length to take up your whole afternoon and evening. Such a feat deserves celebration, and nothing affords the respect this achievement accords then creating vinyl and CD versions, so it can be heard more widely. This is music that becomes an ongoing part of your life, the sonic equivalent of a Russian novel or a season of The Wire. The power of the sounds and ingenious performances captured start existing outside of time, and a listening in its entirety yields countless rewards.

Each Daughter Of Darkness box set is hand-painted and constructed with images inspired by Natural Snow Buildings‘ musical & visual aesthetic. We did all of the painting and packaging in the Ba Da Bing office over a period of many months, and each CD and vinyl box set is unique.

** To include optional CDs with your purchase, click on the drop-down menu. Note that CDs included with box set come individually packed, but without additional artwork.

Price $100

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