You’re awake. Walking through the door. Everybody is ecstatic. Lights are shimmering off of the glimmering faces. Each one unknown. Each visage, new. Among it all, you feel a sense of connection. From where and why? You feel it’s not meant to be understood as it is simply innate. Within each smile is a presence of you. Of us all. A visage like a mirror. Inspiration, unknown and unbeknownst. Vicariously, you can see the world as whole. Together and always new. And you move on, as who? This is the impact of MOTEK’s new release, Sonder.

There is something to be said about the genre of “post-rock,” as it’s become known, but more importantly, instrumental music as a whole. MOTEK simply lays down this truth in an exemplary fashion. These guys hail from the country of Belgium and have grown up with what seems to be a very inquisitively relaxed state of mind. One where the world around them only needs to be taken as seriously as it must. One where appreciation is abundant. One where people are more interested in understanding each other than judging their first impression. Sonder makes that human connection. A constructive strength that makes the world feel like an exhilaratingly beautiful place to live. In times like 2013, it’s easy to be lost in the chaos that is abound. This record finds a way to control all of that and make you feel at peace. You’re at home. Interconnection is not a struggle but an everyday occurrence.

Sonder is simply miraculous in it’s undertaking. You will listen to this album and imagine many intricately thoughtful nights to create such an album when in reality it took these individuals two nights to carve out the majority of this sculpture. As a band, they found a wavelength and let pure, innate, and unorchestrated emotion take hold. Simply put, they let it pour out; as human beings who were built to expel this great music on the world.

motek sonder

The Details

'Sonder' by MOTEK on LP. The album is available on 180g black vinyl or 180g blue vinyl.
Released by dunk!records on October 2nd, 2013.

'Sonder' is the 4th full album of MOTEK. It is released on their own label ASTHMATIC WHALE together with dunk!records.
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Price $25

MOTEK - 'each random passerby' (The Stargazer TV) from wout on Vimeo.

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