UPDATE: Germany’s Pelagic Records has some variants of their own: 150 on Grey Marbled (SOLD OUT), 350 on Solid White in Clear / Solid Black in Clear Dark Purple, & 1000 on Solid White / Solid Black… right HERE!

I’ve found a cure for your Labor Day Weekend hangover and its name is Mono. All of the tracks from Rays of Darkness and The Last Dawn were recorded simultaneously, but as two separate creations.  If you’ve kept up with MONO’s output since the early 2000s, you’ll immediately think of intense, immersive instrumental music, giving voice for unspeakable joy, pain, loss, love, fear…every emotion under the sun.

This is life-affirming stuff, and it’s perfect for vinyl.  The Last Dawn is the lighter of the two as their first track Where We Begin demonstrates.  It’s 7 minutes of pure bliss, slowly building and journeying into a blast of shoegaze and mountainous noise.

$30 may seem like a lot, but this is two albums worth of material, so think of it like $15 per record.  Listen below and grab this before it’s GONO.  See what I did there?

TempResLtd (USA): Clear w/ White Smoke Streaks & Clear w/ Black Smoke Streaks ( /1,000)


Pelagic Records (Germany): Solid White in Clear & Solid Black in Clear Dark Purple ( /350)


Pelagic Record (Germany): Solid White & Solid Black ( /1,000)


The Details

SUPER DELUXE DIE-CUT GATEFOLD COLORED VINYL 2xLP EDITION: While supplies last, we are combining BOTH new MONO albums into one stunning package. Each album is in its own heavy board stock inner sleeve w/ gloss varnish, housed in a custom die-cut matte varnished gatefold jacket featuring the full 12x24-inch cover artwork by world-renowned artist, Pat Perry. As if that weren't enough, the vinyl are also custom colors designed to match the artwork: The Last Dawn disk is CLEAR w/ WHITE SMOKE STREAKS; the Rays of Darkness disk is CLEAR w/ BLACK SMOKE STREAKS. The colored vinyl is ONLY available in this special super deluxe edition. This is limited to a one-time-only numbered edition of 1,000 copies.


Price $30

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