RIYL: Her Space Holiday, Botany, The Heartbreak Moment

Label: Western Vinyl

Lymbyc Systym are back with a short, yet sweet, EP including a remix by the beloved Botany at the tail end of the track list. I came upon Jared and Michael Bell’s project what seems like aeons ago while I was perusing through Her Space Holiday articles and interviews. These two entities (if you will) actually started a band called The Heartbreak Moment. One of their songs was so good, a Zabra commercial either ripped it off verbatim or the band made some nice cash by licensing it to them. Anyway, my discovery of Lymbyc Systym gave post-rock more color and dimension. As time has gone on, Lymbyc Systym has almost become completely electronic but their music is no less uplifting or scintillatingly mystifying. Botany’s remix of “Opposing Bodies,” the opening track, finds the producer taking the almost saccharine (I don’t use this negatively) song and turning it in to something earthly and, of course, heavily informed by hip-hop. Listen to all four tracks below via the Bandcamp stream and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

itten and recorded at the same time as their recent full-length Split Stones, the New Varieties EP continues Lymbyc Systym’s exploration of the power of disparate halves coming together to form a unique whole. The idea serves as an analogy for brothers Jared and Mike Bell's long-distance relationship, as well as their compositions—a unique synthesis of live emotion and electronic precision.
Picking up where their last album left off, the EP’s upbeat opening track “Opposing Bodies” features the same melody found on “Scientific Romance”, the final song on Split Stones. Exploring darker and more introspective territory, “Differential” features big reverberating snare hits, emulating the crack of a whip often heard in old Spaghetti Westerns. On the album’s anthemic title track “New Varieties,” the band brings back their powerful Clavinet sound paired against Brazilian influenced rhythms and cascading piano lines.
Interestingly, to create the lead melodies on all three tracks, they initially wrote and recorded one melody, and then chopped and rearranged each one to create a new melody. As Jared explains, “The lead lines emphasize a strong vocal quality, but with a bit too much diverse movement. If you tried to sing it, it would come out feeling chaotic—in essence, somewhere halfway between something human and machine.” Throughout New Varieties, Lymbyc Systym's unique balance of organic and synthetic elements has led them to create some of the most emotional and mature material of their career.
The EP closes with Austin-based producer Botany's remix of “Opposing Bodies,” turning Lymbyc's clean, head-bobbing rhythms and infectious arpeggios into a gauzy, mind-bending soundscape of smeared textures and chaotic rhythms.

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