A fog settles over the land as the progression of the city beneath it moves by. Indifferent to one another, venturing to and fro, a force builds. A force that bonds them as they venture in all directions, only to meet at every turn, at every moment. A force enveloping a journey, created together, both unaware, venturing into the unknown.

I came across a phenomenal piece of work called Lost In Kiev. A project consisting of 5 post-rockers hailing from Paris, France. This is their first chapter: Motions. It draws inspiration from “numerous, short and long time travels we all have made.” In this release you will find elements of gloomy post-rock, explosive post-hardcore, and even some epic metal as this album traverses on a momentous journey. There are vocals in these songs, or rather, discussions and statements, as the band has enlisted the support of numerous individuals to communicate over the instrumental venture – in turn, creating a personal feel as each and every trek is a unique compilation of individual undertakings. They are not just inspired by their movement across the highways of the world but more importantly their adventures in songwriting and structure; in people and life. The complexity of this music is a force constructed by the intermingling of time passage conveyed through the lens of each artist, uniquely and relatively so; from within and without.

There is a freedom in this piece of work. A freedom that should be felt within us all. It’s what gives each and every listen a feel of new; an understanding innate and relative to our own emotions, to our own motions amid the brilliant struggle of life. This is what makes the album unmistakeably fervent; a masterpiece work in free structure – a work that will construct within each listener a story contingent on the motions of self.

Down below, you will also find a video, courtesy of dunk!records which features Lost In Kiev; this video is a teaser for the dunk!festival held in Zottegem, Belgium. If you’re reading this and live out that way — GO!


“The voices in Motions express the disillusions that can push people to run away from somewhere, the confusion that precedes such a decision, the feeling of being free… Warm and straight in its rhythms, sensitive or majestic in its melodies, Motions is the soundtrack of a movie where everyone should choose whether he should stay or go.” –Brain On Fire

The Details

'Motions' by Lost In Kiev on vinyl.
Released on dunk!records and Voice Of The Unheard at dunk!festival2013.

180g black vinyl in a beautiful designed high quality cover with subtile printed black inner sleeve.
Limited edition release. Comes with free immediate download of the album.

'Motions' is the debut album of this 5 piece instrumental band from Paris.
"This debut album Motions is inspired by numerous, short and long time travels we all have made. We have juggled with various styles, from melancholic post rock to heavy post hardcore and some epic metal. Motions is the soundtrack of a movie where everyone should decide whether he should stay or go."

Thanks to Wout for the tip!

Price $19

dunk!festival2013 from wout on Vimeo.

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