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NOTE: At the time of this post there are only 14 copies of this record available. There are NO PLANS TO REPRESS this album so once these are gone, it’s officially gone.

Lavinia’s There Is Light Between Us is an album that very much pre-dates Sly Vinyl. We love to keep you guys well informed about records as they drop, from day to day, but we also love to give mention to great records that are still available on vinyl with which you may have never even known existed. This particular album is a gem. If you’ve grown to interest yourself in the sub-genre of ‘post-rock,’ you’ll definitely want to check this one out!

You may recall our mention of Lavinia’s latest 7″, Take Shelter (Check it out HERE), not long ago. Prior to that release, this debut EP existed. Comprised of members from such bands as Caspian and Eksi Ekso, Lavinia brings together a plethora of experience and influence to create a deeply contemplative piece within this EP.

As a huge fan of what all of these individuals do, I’d highly recommend giving this one a listen!

PS If you’ve ever found any interest in ‘post-rock’ music and want to delve further, definitely check out The Mylene Sheath. That label has a LOT of gems within their collection of recordings.



“The five songs that make up ‘There Is Light Between Us’ establish the parameters of a style that should bear promising fruit for years to come… ” — Alternative Press


“Bleak, haunting, delicate, and impossibly massive, There Is Light Between Us is a grand gesture of beauty and solemn depth…” — Decoy Music

The Details

Lavinia - There Is Light Between Us LP

Sheath025 | Released November 16, 2010

Gut wrenching, spell binding. Featuring past and present members of Caspian, Eksi Ekso, The Burning Paris, etc. A bleak record that is perfect on a cold, rainy day.

Price $13.99

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