Late Night Venture is a post-rock outfit based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With their sound of “dark pop” and “alluring soundscapes,” these guys have garnered critical acclaim and comparisons to such bands as Sonic Youth, The Cure, Yo La Tengo, Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Rós & Mew. You only need to let these names serve as to intrigue…

This is music that will entrance and encompass. Emotional, swallowing, explosions… some or no lyrics — these guys broaden their scope to deliver a nonstop flurry of expansive post-rock that will envelope a listener far off into the Late Night Venture!

This is the only piece of music that Late Night Venture has made available on vinyl. With a tease like this, we can only wait to see what they press next!!

Check it out IN FULL down below!!

The Details

Birmingham 6:21
Ready No 6:35

Price: €6,00 ($7.70~)

Price $7

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