This is quite different in comparison to KILN’s other work. It feels like a jazzy post-rock record without the crescendo-core that is present within much of the genre. This compilation of sorts makes me think of Do Make Say Think or Bark Psychosis even. This isn’t too far off from KILN’s mainstay of rather hushed ambient and IDM tunes but it is, nonetheless, a different beast. A Dusted magazine review the band quotes on their Bandcamp page goes on to say it supercedes labels like “post-rock” or “Tortoise-esque.” What you’ll get on Twinewheel is a mix of smooth post-rock with some of their electronic fare near the beginning of this thing. For a compilation, this just seems to flow, well, seamlessly. As always, their cover-art is top-notch – evoking mystique and glamour. This art in particular is oddly beautiful with the close-up of what I assume to be twine (I don’t know what else it could be?) and pure blackness just surrounding it. Check out Twinewheel below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. There are only 95 copies left at the time of writing this! Cheers!

The Details

"Winningly gentle, adventurous experiments in scape and shift, apparently cobbled from previous releases and outtakes from the past decade of recording (and releases on Thalassa, Room Tone and most recently, Ghostly International). Kiln’s music, made by a trio of multi-instrumentalists working with digital and tangible tools, is new to me, but it doesn’t feel that way: it supercedes labels like “post-rock” or “Tortoise-esque” or “bespectacled” by virtue of how much ground these tracks cover, genre-wise and within the listener’s imagination. Elements of field recording, shoegaze, experimental composition and jazz ebb and flow throughout these eight clear instrumental selections. The best selections here spread out organically, with full, brushed drum washes and the vastness of the night sky collapsed into the space of one’s bedroom ceiling, much in the same way that Talk Talk accomplished the feat on Laughing Stock."
released 08 January 2006
All soundforms by Hayes, Marrison, and Rehberg
tags: experimental headphone music headphone sound lp organic electronic electro-acoustic limited edition vinyl United States

Price $10

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