RIYL: If These Trees Could Talk, Red Sparowes, pg.lost

Label: Copper Feast Records / Salty Dog Records

Melbourne post rock 3-piece Khan have been most known for combining glimmering psych haze and heavy stoned-out riffage, a consistently emotional tornado for their listeners. With Monsoons, their latest endeavor, the band shifted into a more post-rock instrumental trail. A significant detour from 2018’s Vale, it was a risky move…but a great move, especially with the band’s core skill set. Like any raging storm, there are ups and downs, calms and torrents, darks and lights. Khan, a mere three-member band, have birthed a thunderous shower of sound within 4 epic tracks. Josh Bills’ guitar can heal and destroy, transitioning from shimmering reverb to a growling menace while Mitchell Kerr and Beau Herrernan detonate bass bombs and drum assaults at the perfect moment, building and pouncing like crashing waves on your peaceful harbor. It’s a sound that lives and breathes…Khan’s best yet. Released towards the end of 2020, Monsoons is now available on vinyl from Copper Feast Records and Salty Dog Records for all ye analog addicts.

Monsoons is available on two gorgeous vinyl colorways from Copper Freast, both limited to 200 copies. The “Monsoon Mist” edition is a white and blue marbled slab while the “Nomadic Mind” version is a blue and white swirl disc with silver and green splatter. If you’re quick, you can also grab a test press. Three are left as of this write-up. The ‘buy’ link takes you to Copper Feast’s store page, but you can also grab the variant of your choice from the band HERE. Also, Salty Dog Records in Australia have a VERY sick colorway called “Total Eclipse” that you can grab HERE. The first 70 buyers get an autographed copy!

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Monsoon Mist edition of Khan's incredible new LP 'Monsoons'. Pressed onto marbled vinyl with a white base and blue marble, this UK/EU variant is limited to 200 copies and released through Copper Feast Records.
Nomadic Mind edition of Khan's incredible new LP 'Monsoons'. Pressed onto blue and white swirl vinyl with silver and green splatter, this UK/EU variant is limited to 200 copies and released through Copper Feast Records

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