NOTE: This is THE most limited version of Sines (excluding Test Press copies). Also, when looking at the photo, the top left two pieces of wax are the copies available.

Nothing needs to be said here. It’s The Mylene Sheath doing what they do — putting phenomenal music on delicious looking wax.

If you missed this one when we posted the initial release recently, don’t miss out here. Seriously, these WILL NOT last long.

This is an ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL post-rock record to own. They knocked it out of the park with this long-awaited album.

Some notes to consider…

The first pressing is, and has been, SOLD OUT for quite some time. That press consisted of 200 Orange/Red, 300 Half Orange/Half Red w/ Black Haze and 500 Black. With that press, the jackets were printed with a glossy finish.

For the second press, there are 100 on Clear w/ Red Swirl + Clear w/ Orange Swirl and 400 additional copies on Black. With this press, the jackets are printed on reverse board.


The Details

Jakob - Sines 2xLP
UPDATE: Second pressing! Copies go on sale tonight at 10pm ET! Note that with this pressing the jackets were printed on reverse board (the 1st press jackets were printed with a glossy finish)! There's 100 copies on colored vinyl and 400 copies on black vinyl. Though most of the black vinyl was shipped to our distributor, we do have a small quantity available here as well. See you at 10pm!!

The time has finally come! The time that many of you have been dreaming about for EIGHT YEARS!! It's the brand new Jakob album Sines. We've decked this thing out, too. Heavy duty 20pt stock jackets with high gloss lamination - you know it! Oh, and the running time of the album is 44:44 (four fours!), so technically we could have pressed this as a single 33rpm LP and been done with it. But we all know Jakob is all about the sound, the tone, the atmosphere - so compromising sound quality was not an option. So we have pressed this monster up as a 45rpm 2xLP to ensure there was no loss of low end frequencies, or overall feel. We've also made audiophile black vinyl an option, as black vinyl always sounds the best. That being said, we've also got a couple awesome color options, too! You've waited too long for this album, your wait is nearly over...

"Eight years after an explorative post-rock storm that saw them tour the world, JAKOB are back. In an emerging swell, their forthcoming album Sines is a bold and splendorous return to the world stage after an extended pause. The album’s opening track Blind Them With Science erupts in into a cacophonous roar that, dare we say it, is worth the wait. Fans have waited for eight years for this record — with patience and passion, some believing that it might not ever arrive at all.

The long-awaited follow to 2006’s Solace has been equally as frustrating for the band, with multiple injuries impeding their progress and forcing the cancellation of a massive European tour in 2013. Injury and delay now a distant memory, New Zealand’s most formidable post-rock three-piece is now back in full swing and ready to bring their unmistakeable sonic texturing to their fans once more.

As on their previous three albums and two EPs, Sines is itself a force of nature, built upon lush, epic layers and deft movement; a journey that spits with menace and relapses into beauty in a fine return to form that will see old fans ecstatic and new generations of fans intrigued.

Sines is as much soundscape as rock-show — an echo of the expansive surroundings of the band’s native Hawke’s Bay, personifying rough seas and sweeping landscapes. Each element in the vigorous trio that comprises JAKOB is as essential to the wall-of-sound as its counterparts — Jeff Boyle’s lush and commanding guitar work spirals delicately before a wide explosion, the bass of Maurice Beckett growls and pulses like an electrical current, and the powerful surge of Jason Johnston’s drumming cascades between thunderous treatment, precise, driving beats and eerie silences.

An international effort recorded across oceans, between Auckland (Roundhead Studios) and Napier (Sister Lung Studios) with ISIS’ engineer Jono Gardner and Nick Blow, mixed by Jeff Boyle with pockets of guidance from the likes of long-time UK-based co-producer David Holmes, ISIS’ Aaron Harris, and Nick Blow, and mastered by Chris Chetland at Kog.

Born in the sleepy seaside town of Napier, Hawke’s Bay in 1998, JAKOB are a band of cult status here and internationally solidified as a post-rock outfit to be reckoned with, having toured Europe, the UK, Australasia and the US on the back of their last record. As their reputation continued to build they were twice personally invited to tour with American prog-rock heroes Tool throughout Australia and New Zealand, and toured along-side Damo Suzuki, frontman for seminal German psychedelic band Can.

A singular presence in New Zealand’s rock legacy and momentous figures on the international post-rock scene, comparisons to such timeless acts as Mogwai, Sonic Youth, Sigur Ros & ISIS continue. The sonic force that is JAKOB is alive once more, unbridled and ready to bring Sines to stereos and stages across the globe. Sines comes out October 21st on The Mylene Sheath."

Price $24.99

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