NOTE: Given the rate that the Test Press ( /50) and the Red/Orange ( /200) SOLD OUT… I’d recommend jumping on one of these sooner rather than later!!

When news first dropped that Jakob had another album in progress… everybody within the realm of post-rock lost it a bit. This was HUGE news. Then came the longgggg wait for a record we all felt was long overdue. BUT, by long overdue, I speak more for impatience (100% true for me) because at the end of the day I think we can all understand what goes into the process for bands like this and it’s something I think we can all agree should take as long as it must. Well, 8 years after their last release, Solace, New Zealand’s Jakob have finally dropped their latest recording, in the US, through none other than our great, great friends at The Mylene Sheath. Now THIS was also HUGE news! If you’re a fan of anything that can be deemed “post-rock” then you know right up front that no better avenue could have been chosen. Joel & Lindsay have been doing anything and everything the right way for yearsssss now. And sure enough, they pulled through YET AGAIN!!

Available now, you can snag Jakob’s newest release, Sines, on a few different variants and also bundle them with a t-shirt or a poster, designed by Charlie Wagers, if you so desire.

It’s worth mentioning that the vinyl has been pressed at 45rpm across 2 slabs of wax to ensure the highest possible sound quality for this mammoth. Long story short, it’s going to sound the absolute best it could. Thank you J&L.

jakob vinyl

The Details

Jakob - Sines 2xLP


The time has finally come! The time that many of you have been dreaming about for EIGHT YEARS!! It's the brand new Jakob album Sines. We've decked this thing out, too. Heavy duty 20pt stock jackets with high gloss lamination - you know it! Oh, and the running time of the album is 44:44 (four fours!), so technically we could have pressed this as a single 33rpm LP and been done with it. But we all know Jakob is all about the sound, the tone, the atmosphere - so compromising sound quality was not an option. So we have pressed this monster up as a 45rpm 2xLP to ensure there was no loss of low end frequencies, or overall feel. We've also made audiophile black vinyl an option, as black vinyl always sounds the best. That being said, we've also got a couple awesome color options, too! You've waited too long for this album, your wait is nearly over...

Thanks to jR for the tip!

Price $24.99

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