Today, I bring you guys a gorgeous and powerful ambient / post-rock album from the fine folks of In Transmission! I stumbled across this release while doing some research. Amid a mass of music, various genres and artists, this one struck me with awe; standing tall above the rest. This album is heavily instrumental with what one might consider an experimental amount of lyrics. I snagged a copy for myself with the quickness. I highly recommend you do the same!

There are only 150 available for the Grey Swirl Ltd. Edition variant of this release — all Hand-numbered. 350 on Black are also in existence.

I spoke with Adam over at Lonely Creeper (their label) and this further solidified the purchase for me.

Sly Vinyl is making an impact on a grand level — IT’S ALL THANKS TO YOU GUYS, THE COMMUNITY!! To speak with the fine folks behind these operations drives me to further my own research in bringing you fine readers the great stuff that’s out there, yet potentially so obscure. Obscurity prevails here!! All thanks to you.

PS When you go to order this, it will take you back to the main screen after adding it to your cart. All you have to do is click back through into the Shop. You’ll see it on the right side of your screen!

in transmission vinyl

The Details

In Transmission "First Light" LP (LTD GREY SWIRL)
Limited grey swirl color vinyl. There will be a $5 shipping charge in the US.

Price $14

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