Having first come to fruition in 2007, The Mylene Sheath was founded by two particularly awesome people: Joel Proper & Lindsay Palmer. Their first release was one within this 2xLP available today: If These Trees Could Talk’s Self-Titled 12″ EP. Through a grass roots process of discovering new musicians and, ultimately, new friendships, Joel and Lindsay went on to release records that still stand as pinnacle titles within the realm of post-rock from such bands as Caspian, Beware of Safety, Gifts From Enola, Junius and Giants… to name a few. They’d also recently teamed up with Pelican to drop a 7″ prior to the band’s most recent full-length and already have a release lined up for the new Jakob record! They’re clearly picking up a strong momentum forward and not looking to stop any time soon!!

The If These Trees Could Talk Self-Titled & Above The Earth, Below The Sky double vinyl package is something special. For one (and we’ll highlight it again), IT’S THEIR 50th RELEASE!! Secondly, both of these records are currently out of print having been sold out for some time now!! Not only are you snagging 2 records for the price of what 1 of these might go for on secondary markets (if you’re lucky)… you’re supporting another 50 for The Mylene Sheath!

“Our motivation behind this is to make the art we love available to as many people as we can. We are not interested in creating a product to be bought and sold for as much money as it can produce. It’s our effort to actively participate in something meaningful, to give back to something that has always filled the voids in our lives and helped us maintain a positive outlook on the future.” – J&L

I can tell you, in the time I’ve had to interact with this couple… I’m quite certain it doesn’t get much better than the approach they take to being a record label. They’re exemplary in every fashion and hey, they’ve clearly got a damn fine taste in music!


“Responsible for some of the most breathtaking vinyl packages in the industry.” – eMusic

“I have no idea where this label digs up such amazing bands but they seem to have discovered a secret reservoir of greatness that they keep tapping into. Every time I hear a release on this label I think “that’s it, they can’t top themselves again” and yet they do, every time!” – The Punk Vault

“Lindsay and Joel provide a personal touch, whether via a handwritten “thanks” on each and every order or the entertaining newsletters and email updates that they put together.” – Decibel Magazine

The Details

If These Trees Could Talk - Self-Titled & Above The Earth, Below The Sky 2xLP


This is the limited edtion, deluxe 2xLP version of the first two albums by If These Trees Could Talk. Colored vinyl, 20pt stock embossed jackets - the works! This commemorates the labels 50th release.

Limited To:
Test Presses: 50
Orange/Blue: 100
Clear: 150
Splatter: 250

Vinyl Weight: 160 gram
Artwork Design: Charlie Wagers
Vinyl Manufacturer: Pirates Press/GZ

Price $23.99

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