For some reason the way Tom Morris’ vocals ebb and flow on “Ragman Roll” strongly remind me of Thom Yorke’s in both quiver and range, sometimes. If I were a bit more ignorant, I wouldn’t be surprised if I would mistake this for a Radiohead song because the atmosphere of the song isn’t exactly out of Radiohead’s ballpark. Of course, this is very debatable and more importantly, this is only my humble opinion! It isn’t quite the same on the second song, “It Was Flood,” which has Tom Brown’s vocals accompanied by Sophie Green and Nicole Robson. For the last couple of minutes of the 7+ minute track, it is just a quartet of banjo, mandolin, violin, cello, with the sparse bass drum kick to provide an accent. Her Name is Calla is a post-rock group that has met a lot of acclaim in the United Kingdom it seems, with NME and The Sun giving them good marks. This is a relatively recent release, with it dropping on December 12th of last year. We missed the boat on the first 100 that came with a limited edition print and badge, but there seems to be plenty still available so hop to it if you like them! I’ve linked their Bandcamp player below so feel free to have a listen.

The Details

The first single from our new album.
Limited to 500 numbered copies.

The single will be released in 3 stages:

The first 100 are priced at £8 and come with a limited edition art print and badge.

The next 400 are priced at £5 without the extra bits. Both come with downloads that are released on 12-12-12 with physical items shipping on the 11th

Includes immediate download of 2-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

Price $7.55

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