We Have A Ghost represents anything haunting you. The self titled debut album is an instrumental exploration of the intersections of ambiance and post-rock. This release really deserves to be listened to all the way through end to end. Give it a shot, I was pleasantly surprised and am finding this release to be growing on me already.

Limited to 300 copies
– 100 on Black vinyl
– 100 on Clear vinyl
– 100 on Coke Bottle Clear vinyl
–  12″ insert
– glow in the dark sticker
My Top-3 Tracks for a quick listen:
– The Secret
– The Incident
– To Begin Again


The Details

We Have A Ghost
It's all about the grooves. We Have A Ghost's debut album is now available on wax. Limited to 300 copies. 100 on Black, 100 on Clear and 100 on Coke Bottle Clear. Also included are a 12' insert and a glow in the dark sticker.

edition of 300

Price $20

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