If you caught their debut EP, The Sun Will Rise & Lead Me Home, then you are already wise to the instrumental skill that these guys possess. If not, you’re in for a treat.

You Are All You Have Left To Fear is an album that has been available for quite some time yet was never available on the vinyl format, until now. This particular release is a strengthening build on the talent displayed in the first release and, as is usual with these guys, they use elements of post-rock to further expand on the atmosphere that has created the ‘sound’ so many revere within the kindred nature of their fan base.

This is one of those bands you’ll listen to and wonder, “How has this not blown up?” Well, I think any of you wise readers know how much fantastic music is out there with a seemingly small following yet fervently growing one at that. Regardless of all that nonsense, this is an album, and a band, worthy of your listening ears.

Give it a shot, and as always, let us know what YOU think!!

The ‘letterpress edition’ of this record sold out within minutes. If Clear copies aren’t you’re thing, you can also snag a Translucent Purple edition, exclusive to the Pure Noise store – click any of what you just read to access that particular variant.

The Details

Only the purple marble color comes with the letterpress cover. Records are limited to 1 of each color per customer. If you try to buy multiple copies your order will be canceled and you will be refunded. We want everyone to get one. Thanks!

Here are the details:
113 Purple Marble (w/letterpress outer cover) SOLD OUT
211 Clear
229 Trans Purple (Pure Noise exclusive color. This color is only available through the Pure Noise store!)

2 random orders will win a test press!

We are very sorry about the cost of international mailing, but to get a record anywhere across the ocean is $18.00! Plus 1 dollar for a mailer and handling. We know it's expensive... unfortunately we do not have distribution over there.

Price $15

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