Gates… man, where do I begin?

After releasing 2 EP’s, these guys have finally come forth with their first full-length release — entitled Bloom & Breathe. This behemoth stands tall at 13 tracks across 4 sides… and by behemoth, I’m referring to the immensity of the tracks that Gates is capable of producing. Whether your listening to recordings or experiencing them live, they’ve got a sound that will inevitably immerse you. I haven’t heard anything outside of this first single but if it’s any indication of what the rest of the record has in store… it’s going to be a deep one. Then again, having seen them live and delved through their back catalog plenty, I have absolutely zero doubt that this one will be proof of the unwavering strength that these guys are building in their progression forward. This is a band to keep your eyes on.

Now signed to Pure Noise Records, Gates have Bloom & Breathe dropping with color configurations and bundle options. If you’ve never given Gates a listen before, let the track below prove what they’re capable of… and this is just the beginning of a damn bright future ahead.

The Details

PLEASE NOTE: This is a presale item set to ship shortly before the album release date of 10/21/2014

- Bloom & Breathe Bone Double LP
- Instant Grat Track - "Not My Blood"

Pressing Info:
- 200 Coke Bottle Green w/Grimace Purple & Oxblood Splatter
- 300 Bone
- 500 Milky Clear w/Electric Blue, Sea Blue, Kelly Green Heavy Splatter

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Shipping date subject to change.

1. Everything That Ever Has Been
2. Bloom
3. Persist in Delusion
4. Not My Blood
5. Light The First Page
6. The Thing That Would Save You
7. Nothing You'll Miss
8. At Last the Loneliest of Them
9. Born Dead
10. Marrow
11. Low
12. Again at the Beginning
13. Everything That Always Will Be

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