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Fourteen Nights At Sea’s Untitled is the debut release from the band and one that sets the foundation for the powerfully impacting and enveloping form of Post-Rock soundscapes that they produce.

For reasons I can’t seem to fathom, this band has fallen under the radar. This record even falls under the radar for many Post-Rock fans who relish in new finds. The albums centerpiece track, In Violent Times, proves the true strength of this album. The overhanging, calming, eeriness of the opening minutes pushes on with a build that delivers ever so slowly, but in the end, ever so profoundly! These guys certainly know how to let a listener sit and simmer. You must, must, must give these tracks thorough listens to reap the benefits!! Trust me, the adventure is one worth trekking!

OH, and I forgot to mention, LISTEN TO THIS LOUDLYYYY!!

We wrote about their latest album Great North just a short while ago and if that interested you… don’t hesitate to check this one out!

“This is a record that you instinctively know aches to be played at a massive, neighbourhood-destroying volume. It deserves to get your full attention.” –Jack Midalia

The Details


Now available at these stores - Ritual Music & Books, Polyester Records, Thornbury Records.

Debut full length album on double 12″ vinyl with gatefold cover.
LP + MP3: Includes coupon for a FREE Digital Download.

1. The Dead House
2. Clubber Vs
3. Hornacek
4. In Violent Times
5. Last Night Of The Earth
6. Woods

Price $30

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