Fourteen Nights At Sea is a 6-piece crew from Melbourne, Australia… but don’t let that scare ya! The vinyl is AVAILABLE IN THE US!! These guys put out an amazing onslaught of instrumental/ambient/post-rock/noise material that will intensify any and all mind sets! This is an immersive adventure of an album and one that you should most certainly take the time to hear out as a simple one-minute listen just won’t satisfy and will undoubtedly prove to be nothing but an injustice!!

Hobbledehoy Records of Australia is the phenomenal record label that put out this release and so thankfully helped those of us here in the US with a distribution deal through COBRASIDE, and in-turn, Interpunk! Take advantage of this, it’s limited to 260 copies worldwide and will certainly not hang around long! I mean come on… super clean jacket with a 180g White Vinyl?? Beautiful!! As are the tunes!!

Check it out down below!!

The Details

Fourteen Nights At Sea

Great North (Import)

Hobbledehoy 23

Released on July 19, 2013


DELUXE 180g WHITE VINYL + MP3! Fresh off their dates with THIS WILL DESTROY YOU (USA), Melbourne’s FOURTEEN NIGHTS AT SEA have stepped out of the shadows of their influences to become one of Australia’s more interesting and spirited underground rock bands. Recorded with acclaimed engineer Neil Thomason (MY DISCO, AUGIE MARCH), Great North reflects the bands profound level of concentration, seamlessly capturing the unforgiving winter illustrated throughout the packaging. The ominous beauty, the unrelenting bitterness and lingering, eerie static.

Thanks to Tom Majerczak! for the tip!

Price $27

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