Everybody, we are almost done with the first week of 2014! For this Friday, I’ve got another one from Gizeh Records for you to partake in. Farewell Poetry is a relatively new band, having only been around for four years now. Hoping For The Invisible To Ignite is their only collection of work to date and this came out three years ago. The band mainly consists of Parisians but one Jayne Amara Ross who is a Franco-Australian. Ross’ extremely distinct delivery on the spoken word portion of this is seducing and enigmatic – it really adds a great trump card to Farewell Poetry’s arsenal. This is post-rock that avoids the shamefully predictable crescendo-core clichés we all see pouring out by the dozen online. “As True as Troilus” and “All in the Full, Indomitable Light of Hope (Part II)” are the only tracks available to preview but they are both plenty hefty and give more than enough to see if you want to take a chance on the other two tracks. “As True as Troilus” brings on chaos and “All in the Full, Indomitable Light of Hope” (at least the second part) gives a sense of billowy hope, and sunshine, and the conclusion to the song is just a torrent of bliss; part I keeps the misery afloat.  Check out both songs below via the Soundcloud players and see what you think of them. Cheers!


[soundcloud params=”show_comments=true&color=0ac4ff”]https://soundcloud.com/gizeh/farewell-poetry-as-true-as[/soundcloud]

[soundcloud params=”show_comments=true&color=0ac4ff”]https://soundcloud.com/gizeh/farewell-poetry-all-in-the-1[/soundcloud]



The Details

LP + DVD - Limited Edition deluxe vinyl / DVD / hand-numbered / art print / download code / postcard / 8 page booklet / collection of small prints. Plus an instant download in your choice of FLAC / ALAC / MP3

CD + DVD - 6 panel digipak with an instant download in your choice of FLAC / ALAC / MP3 // Includes DVD of the b/w film 'As True as Troilus' and an 8 page booklet of artwork and text.

DOWNLOAD - available in your choice of FLAC / ALAC / MP3

"Deep emotional wounds often need to be reopened and scarped in order to have a shot at healing. Hoping for the Invisible to Ignite invites us to pass through the raging fire so that we might stand on the ravaged side, patting the flames on our singed clothes and glaring triumphantly at the monster that should have destroyed us. One of 2011's defining musical moments. Miss this at your peril." THE SILENT BALLET 9/10 (album of the month)

“Listening to Hoping for the Invisible to Ignite, one might also be reminded of The Velvet Underground performing at The Factory, with all of the visual spectacle attendant upon such a “happening,” as one more precursor to FareWell Poetry. One shouldn't make too much of such references, however, as the mesmerizing Hoping for the Invisible to Ignite is radically unlike the material others before them have issued” TEXTURA (album of the month)

“a distinctive identity in a somewhat crowded scene of post-rock/shoegaze/modern orchestral instrumentalists.” FLUID RADIO

“More than mere music, ‘Hoping for the Invisible to Ignite’ is a truly breathtaking work”. WHISPERIN & HOLLERIN 9/10

“Full of passion, conviction and musical expertise this is an awe-inspiring album that distinctly showcases the ambition of both the artists and the record label” TASTY 9/10


'Hoping for the Invisible to Ignite' was recorded and mixed between Paris, Normandy (FR) and Saint-Margaret of Antioch Church in Leeds (UK), these four haunting orchestral pieces were performed in the studio live, and re-recorded using a 'wall of sound' process, adding the natural reverb of the church to the raw tracks.

The DVD includes the Super 8/16mm black&white film 'As True As Troilus' by Jayne Amara Ross & a bonus live performance shot by Alain Grodard & Rod Maurice during the 'Festival des Nouveaux Arts Sacres' at Saint-Eustache Church in Paris. You can watch a trailer for the film at the link below.

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