It’s been a while since we’ve had the chance to talk about the work that our friends at Aloud Music Ltd. have been up to. It’s with great pleasure we get to talk about them once again alongside EXXASENS in announcing the band’s latest release, Back to Earth.

If you’ve never heard of EXXASENS before, they’re a post-rock band out of Barcelona with a style all their own. If you’re into experiencing a variety of what “post-rock” has to offer… here’s yet another avenue to venture down!

Check out the music video for their first single from the album, My Hands Are Planets, down below!

The Details

Limited edition: 100 copies
Colour: Solid BLUE, BLACK & CLEAR Mixed
Shipments: 10th sept (to be confirmed)

EXXASENS comes back to Earth after a eight-year space travel and 4 DiY albums, including the acclaimed ELEVEN MILES (Aloud Music LTD 2011) and SATELLITES (Aloud Music LTD 2013) and one compilation (2007-2014, Ricco Label, Japan). In this period, EXXASENS has evolved from a one-man solo project (Jordi Ruiz) to a fully-fledged band.

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