If you’ve never heard El Ten Eleven, you’re simply missing out. With a sound that assumes an entire band, but only encompasses 2 members, they’ve created music that enthralls. It’s meandering and potent on levels that prove the gravity of their magnetic sound. There is story after story of individuals who’ve gone to finally see them live, only to be blown away when they realize that only 2 individuals have created such an immersive and enveloping sound.

El Ten Eleven‘s successful Indiegogo Campaign funded new vinyl pressings of their eponymous debut, their last full length record Transitions, and also their EP,  For emily. What was left over from the campaign is now available while they last direct from the band’s web store!

El Ten Eleven” LP
* Limited to 500 Black Vinyl LP
* 3rd Pressing

Transitions” LP
* Limited to 500 Black Vinyl LP
* Gatefold Jacket
* 2nd Pressing

For Emily” EP
* Limited to 500 Grey Marbled Vinyl 10″ EP
* 1st Pressing

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