If you’ve never heard El Ten Eleven, you’re simply missing out. With a sound that assumes an entire band, but only encompasses 2 members, they’ve created music that enthralls. It’s meandering and potent on levels that prove the gravity of their magnetic sound. There is story after story of individuals who’ve gone to finally see them live, only to be blown away when they realize that only 2 individuals have created such an immersive and enveloping sound.

For a limited time, 16 days left to be exact, El Ten Eleven have opened an Indiegogo Campaign to fund all new pressings of their eponymous debut, their last full length record Transitions, and also their forthcoming EP pressing, For emily. The vinyl version of their coming EP pressing will feature a bonus track that is only available on this Indiegogo pre-order. Based on what I’ve read, it will not be available on any subsequent pressings ahead.

If nothing else, do check out what these guys have to offer.. even if you choose not to purchase anything. It’s truly solid work.

A few notes about Indiegogo: once you make a purchase, your funds will be charged immediately. This is not like Kickstarter, where you wait to be charged at the completion of the project. Seeing as though this project has already surpassed it’s goal… you’ve got nothing to worry about!! Also, it may take some time for the product to arrive… but it will be well worth the wait!!

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The Details

New El Ten Eleven Vinyl Pressings

We are doing new pressings of the debut album, Transitions album and the For emily EP.
Los Angeles, California, United States Music
Hi there and thanks for checking out our IndieGogo page for the new vinyl!

I'm nuts about vinyl. When I was young I would ride my bike to Tower Records in the bay area with what little money I had and salivate over what was on offer. I can remember agonizing over the fact that I only had enough money for one record, but wanted twenty! This was before the age of the internet (ya, I'm kinda old) so the only way to hear a band I was interested in was to buy a record.

Thankfully now almost the entire history of recorded music is at our fingertips via the device you are looking at. This has been a boon to independent musicians like ourselves because of the ease with which our potential fans can find us. We are so grateful.

But there is still something so special about vinyl. Yes, the sound quality is better, but there is something else. Maybe it's the large artwork that you can actually hold in your hands. Or maybe it's the fact that you can't easily skip ahead or fast forward. Vinyl requires longer listening.

Whatever it is, I'm clearly not alone in my feelings. El Ten Eleven fans are constantly asking us for more vinyl, particularly fans in Europe. So here we are, trying to deliver!

The problem is that vinyl is quite expensive to manufacture. We've been able to pay for most of this run ourselves but are falling a little short. That's where you come in. If we can just get a bit more money this will be paid for!

We recorded a new song called Favrile and added it to our latest ep, "For emily." On this song I only use fretless bass (though I'm sure people will insist there are keyboards on it!) and Tim only played electronic and acoustic drums. We're really proud of how it turned out, but it will ONLY be available on this vinyl. You can hear a bit of it in the video we posted above.

If you can help us out by buying a copy (or copies!) we'd be really grateful! If you aren't interested in vinyl, we have a really cool, limited edition poster you can grab.

Thank you for your support!



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