Dorena is a Swedish pop/electronic/post-rock outfit that releases music with a heavy emphasis on time. With Nuet, that couldn’t be any more apparent as this translation means “the present.” Past mention from the band has cast their material as “Music for love, dreams, and warm summer nights.”

As with all their work, influence is drawn heavily from many acts within the post-rock/ambient realms.

Entirely instrumental, Nuet presents itself as a blank canvas for your own creation; they’re simply giving you the paint.

This is the first pressing of the album.

“Maybe that’s the message to take away from Nuet, in the end: time passes. People grow together, fall apart, each leaving an imprint, a fingerprint on a panel of glass covered in them. But that glass is still intact. With its latest, Dorena presents a completely new way to see emotions: they are not angry, churning seas we are doomed to drown in, but oceans of life, built out of millions of droplets, beaten by time but never broken. Each little speck is a reminder that you are here, and you matter. All you have to do is hold on.” – Moses Kim of Muzik Dizcovery

The Details


Nuet 12" LP First press - Bandog Records and Deep Elm Records 2013


Side A:
1. Semper
2. Her Comforting Touch
3. Young Hearts Of Summer
4. Dandelion

Side B:
5. My Childhood Friend
6. A Late Farewell
7. The All-Clear

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