To quote Angus Young of Liars, “the role of an artist is not necessarily to create a physical object, but to instill an idea, which is more important than the final work.”  Like great film composers or conceptual artists, the best post-rock bands let their listeners join them in the creative process, conducting landscapes and atmospheres so vivid that the listener has freedom to let their own imagination run wild.  That’s exactly what Chicago trio To Destroy A City does here with Sunless, their second full-length.

I’m interested to know what others visualize when they listen to this emotive group of songs, but I picture a desolate road in the flatlands of Marfa, Texas during a relentless thunderstorm.  An exhausted drifter pushes through the blinding wall of stinging rain towards a distant light while menacing shadows lurk around him.  I hear a tension between hope and despair, but the group’s towering guitars and lush layers of synths and electronic pulses could make any pessimist believe that the light is winning.

Look at that vinyl.  It’s a perfect companion to the album artwork, and there’s not a lot of these to go around.  Get it now or get got.

The Details

Limited 2XLP Red/Orange/Black Splatter
Edition of 150

Price $22

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