Today I bring you Deadhorse, an ambient, instrumental, post-rock bunch from Erie, PA!

This is a damn hard-working bunch of folks — putting out music that conveys this so perfectly well. Sincerity is something you will not only notice in the music, you will feel it! The atmosphere of the music, with it’s dynamic builds and precision control, will present a force that does nothing less then pull you in; causing a further delve into the amassing beauty of their output. To further elaborate on the sincerity of their music, I must mention that in accomplishing this element they have managed an ability to truly connect with a listener on the most intimate of levels. Setting mood and aura from within, showing an outward prevalence, keen to a soundtrack, as one’s own brilliant struggle progresses onward.

This is some deep stuff folks. Something that will be relatively intimate unto you as an individual. Give it a listen and let it convey the passion of a music that can only come from a wealth of true being. This is Deadhorse.

By all means, the record is a challenging yet pulsating listen, driving the audience through a vast array of emotional highs and lows, moving from being viciously threatening to delicately angelic, a true sign of a brilliant post-rock record. – Crack In The Road

clear gold


The Details

The time has finally come!

We are proud to announce the release of our full length album "We Can Create Our Own World" on a 12" vinyl through Broken Circles Records out of Cincinnati, OH.

Each album comes with a digital download of the entire full length as well. Featuring new album artwork, and new insert artwork designed by Erica Sperrazzo.

Colors are limited to:

Clear Gold w/ Black Haze: 250
Black: 150
Marbled Olive: 100

Once they're gone, they're gone, so order now!

Price $10

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