Back in July 2013, it all began. Sly Vinyl became a record label!! Today, we are proud to announce that pre-orders for SVR03 are NOW AVAILABLE!!

With SVR03, we’re truly honored to bring none other than the great fellows of Damascus onboard with their highly acclaimed 2013 release,¬†Heights!! We couldn’t be more excited about this one!

In keeping with the Sly Vinyl way of things, this album veers into yet another genre. We have chosen to never display tunnel vision with releases because, quite frankly, that’s not the way we, or any of you from this beautiful community, like to do things!!

So here we go!

Released in July of 2013,¬†Heights¬†ended up on MANY “Top” lists for 2013. From post-rock loving lists, to all-around lists, this album saw great reviews and we’re excited to be a part of the¬†FIRST EVER¬†tangible form of music from these guys!!

100% meant to be on vinyl, this album traverses 5 tracks, and almost 40 minutes of music, that blends together perfectly. Between the sound quality and the packaging itself, there were absolutely ZERO short cuts taken here! We put ALL the top of the line treatments we could buy into this one!!

You’ll be getting these features with Damascus’¬†Heights

TEST PRESS – strictly limited to 10 copies!!


  • Hand Screen Printed Sleeves with inverted art, by a local Denver artist
  • 180g Black vinyl
  • Hand Numbered white labels w/ love note from us at SlyVinyl
  • Signed by the band
  • Once our Insiders club launches you will be a certified test press supporter, w/ details to follow.

DELUXE PRESS Рstrictly limited to 500 copies with NO plans to repress in the near future!!

  • 200 on Black & White A Side/B Side w/ Silver Splatter
  • 300 on Ultra Clear w/ Black Haze

d2asidebside_large d3clearblackhaze_large

All 500 Deluxe Press copies will have the following features…

  • Hand Numbered
  • 180g-200g Vinyl
  • Virgin Vinyl
  • Black poly lined inner sleeves
  • 350gsm cardboard sleeves (heaviest we could buy)

Once these leave our HQ, they will be yet another piece of Sly Vinyl history!! :)

Price $20

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