For me, this album has been on repeat for quite a few days now. I am deep, deep into a Post-Rock fix right now and have ventured outside of the US in my search for new stuff to listen to.

Colaris is a 3-piece post-rock group from Pirmasens, Germany. Renewal is instrumentally gorgeous and complexly intense with moments of a dawning ambience that crescendo into a post-metal beast; and back again. This album only so slightly delves into the ‘post-metal’ avenues as there are many moments where you will find this record purveying the soundscapes as a drawn back build only to come forth, once again, explosively. Although, there is a lot of optimism in this release! Something you may not expect when seeing the term post-metal. It’s tracks can, at points, reminisce with Isis post-metal efforts. But overall, this album is it’s own monster. You will find yourself traversing the lands with this album. It’s adventure will take you from desolate barren ‘scapes of pondering into lush, thriving fields of wonderment and out onto the explosive, sky cracking lands of intense battle and emotion. This is an album that will pull new strings with every listen – where will it take you?

This album is broken down into 3 parts – equally, the pressing is also broken down in this same way!

NOTE: Each of the variants below is of an edition of 111 – totaling 333 copies.

Yearning – An Overwhelming Weight Of Constant Pressure Seeds The Fear To Fail (Songs 1-3)


Reflection – Past Memories Cave In And Wishes Blaze The Trail (Songs 4-6)


Origin – To Break New Grounds And Realign Life Starts With Focus Shift (Songs 7-8)


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