This one is the latest from the great Gizeh Records. If you’re not familiar with the Gizeh catalog, I think it’d be safe to call it an English version of Montreal’s Constellation Records (the home of (insert whatever variation of The) Silver Mount Zion, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Do Make Say Think, and more). The label has built a niche that’s centered around post-rock, neo-classical, experimental and ambient releases and Charles-Eric Charrier’s latest album adds another post-rock release.

“Instant / Moment” opens with a seedy bass line from Charrier that undulates along the desert sands with the clicking and clatter of rattles and rainmakers. Like a snake in any room, “Instant / Moment” makes its presence known. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind the whole track solely consisting of Charrier’s bass – it’s flat-out entrancing. About a minute and a half in, piano keys strike, a synthesizer begins to lay on its drone, a soprano saxophone blares in to the airspace and a clarinet (along with a bass clarinet) jumps in near the middle. Yet, Charrier bass carries it all on its back  and it cuts through the barrier of noise like a knife through butter. Check out “Instant / Moment” below via the Soundcloud stream and see what you think of it. If this is a sign of things to come, this will be something to look forward to. Cheers!

The Details

PRE-ORDER ITEM // Released: April 7th 2014

Limited edition of 300 copies. All orders from the Gizeh Store receive a two free exclusive digital bonus tracks and a download of the full album on the day of release.

Charles-Eric Charrier is a French bassist and pianist mining the remote seams of music between post-classical, jazz, acoustic blues and ambient. Hidden or distant those seams may be, but all the richer for those who take the time to seek them out. Echoes of innovative artists like Earth, Anouar Brahem, Bohren und der Club of Gore, Chet Baker or even Malian musicians such as Ali Farka Toure and Tinariwen sometimes appear on the horizon, only to disappear at the next turn. Charrier’s music as band-leader on ‘Petite Soeur’, his first release for Gizeh Records, is endlessly yearning and searching, pushing and pulling at the basic fabric of bass, piano, drums and guitar.

Repetition, space and a sublime understanding of how instruments speak with each other are the key fundamentals in this album. Witness the patient guitar that opens 'No Closed To Be', taking its own sweet time before first acoustic bass and then percussion fall into line behind. And the narcotic, late-night jazz of the title track with drums, piano and Fender Rhodes slurring around Charrier’s steady bass pulse. Or the gradual build of 'Instant/Moment' into a sustained, pulse-like drive before pausing, exhausted by the sun on the plains, and then collapsing into a mesmerising swirl of woodwind, organ, piano and bowed drones.

‘Petite Soeur’ may be all-instrumental, but we can hear Charrier’s voice as clear as a bell. It is defined by empathy and clarity. In its own way, this is soul music.

Charles-Eric Charrier: piano, acoustic bass, metallophone on '8 minutes', percussion
Ronan Benoit: drum and percussion
Cyril Secq: guitars and e-bow guitar, charango, harmonium, juno, Fender Rhodes, clarifolk
Nicolas Richard “Covaleski”: afuche cabeza, derbourka, maracas, percussion
Guillaume Wickel: clarinet, bass clarinet and soprano saxophone on 'Instant/Moment'

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