UPDATE: Wow… those 3 copies were gone extremely fast! I’m now updating the Buy Now link to reflect the Catacombe Bandcamp URL as Mind Over Matter Records are now SOLD OUT of their stock.

NOTE (1): At the time of this post, there are only 3 copies of the Transparent Blue still available via Mind Over Matter Records distro (US).

NOTE (2): Both versions of this record are availableĀ overseas via Catacombe’s Bandcamp page HERE. After the 3 copies at MOM are gone, I’ll be updating the Buy Now link to reflect this Bandcamp URL.

ThereĀ are aĀ lot of “post-rock” bandsĀ out there these days. From the delicately ambient, to teeming withĀ metal influence, and all that lies in between… but, one thing very typically remains constant: we find instrumentally based musicĀ that adventurously meanders on a large scale. We see a plethora of examples that fall under this fairly ambiguous term for a sub-genre. I’ve often said that post-rock music can be likened to medicineĀ for it’s mentally stimulating ability to help you traverse your own thoughts and even stresses or simply for it’s ability to help you escape. It’s completely within your own perceptions. Anybody who has delved deeply into post-rock music has certain choicesĀ that they know they can always rely onĀ when in need of levelingĀ out or even to just feel great when they already feel good.Ā QuidamĀ is within this realm of greatness.

Catacombe is a 4-piece instrumental / experimental / post-rock band hailing from Porto, Portugal. With that, we don’t have the direction of lyrics to attach to. But that’s the magic behind what makes this all so beautiful. These guys know how to formulate tracks that connect on deeper levels. Traversing most of the post-rock spectrum… QuidamĀ carries strongly for 2014 post-rock given the immense potential in the growth of their sound here. This is the band’s 3rd record to date and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for this bunch.

Throw some headphones on and get lost. Sometimes we just have to get lost in order toĀ find things we never may have expected? This record is a greatĀ way to do that. Give this an honest listen and I promise you’ll be thankful you did.

catacombe quidam2


The Details

Catacombe - "Quidam"12"

Pressing Information:
33 Test Presses (Black, Hand-Numbered)
200 Transparent Milky Orange
200 Transparent Blue

Based out of Portugal, Catacombe is a post rock band in a vein similar to God Is An Astronaut or a "lighter," less dense version of Year Of No Light. Epic and sprawling, these 6 tunes are an essential for fans of instrumental jams who are seeking some fresh music!

If you liked the Lights At Sea release that we did a few years back, then you are going to absolutely love this record as well!

These were imported and we only got a few of each color. Don't sleep on this band!

Thanks to Donny Soles for the tip!

Price $16.31

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