UPDATE (4/20/14): Clear w/ Translucent Green & Opaque Mint Green Splatter is now SOLD OUT.

NOTE (1): There are FOUR variants available in this pressing of 1,000: 100 on Clear vinyl w/ Trans. Green & Opaque Mint Green Splatter, 200 Clear vinyl w/ Olive Green Swirl , 300 Trans. Coke Bottle Green vinyl & 400 Black Vinyl. If you’re interested in purchasing all 4 for ONLY $44… CLICK HERE!!

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Caspian, oh Caspian… where do I begin? …AND it’s being handled by The Mylene Sheath?! This is a must buy for anybody who enjoys post-rock and doesn’t own this particular record. If you have still NOT ever given post-rock a chance… You Are The Conductor is absolutely pinnacle when discussing this sub-genre as a whole! This is one record you NEED in your collection.

You Are The Conductor is the debut EP/release from Beverly, MA-based Caspian. Released in November of 2005, it caught the attention of many with altogether positive acclaim. And for good reason…

You Are The Conductor is very much as it states. With it being entirely instrumental, you are quite literally the conductor. These are tracks that crescendo in an emotionally explosive manner. They’re laying out immense walls of sound, riddled with delicate drawbacks, that only you can decipher a meaning from. It’s just downright beautiful and empowering in every way, no matter your mood.

This pressing marks the 3rd overall for the album. The packaging on this one goes back to the 20pt stock jackets from the first pressing, this time with a semi-gloss finish. The Mylene Sheath also opted for a full color, two sided insert this time, instead of printed inner sleeves.

By the way, if you’re going to give this one a listen… make sure you check out the first 3 tracks thoroughly, as a trilogy. It’s quite well known across fans of post-rock.

“I don’t think too much can be said about this album that hasn’t been said before, it’s a bonafide classic in every way. From the opening 1-2-3 punch of Quovis, Further Up and Further In, known now simply as “The Trilogy”, to the shimmering final notes of the epic closing track Last Rites, You Are The Conductor ebbs and flows flawlessly in instrumental perfection. Few bands have ever set the bar so high for themselves on their debut EP, and as we all know by now, Caspian saw that bar and continues to raise it higher with each subsequent release, never succumbing to the pressure of their previous excellence. And it all started here, with these six tracks comprising the most promising instrumental debut in recent memory, which has since been lived up to.”

The Details

Caspian - You Are The Conductor 12" EP


Here's the 3rd pressing of Caspian's debut EP You Are The Conductor. The packaging on this one will go back to the 20pt stock jackets from the first pressing, this time with a semi-gloss finish. And we opted for a full color, two sided insert this time, instead of printed inner sleeves (because those always get torn in transit, ugh!). Here's pressing info:

100 clear vinyl w/translucent green & opaque mint green splatter

200 clear vinyl w/olive green swirl

300 translucent coke bottle green vinyl

400 black vinyl

Price $14.99

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