UPDATE (1/17/2014): Thanks to our reader ‘Andrei,’ we now know of some new information that has come up in regards to shipping. Check out the official statement from Hobbledehoy down below.

NOTE: This is the most limited variant of the album to date.

Talk about a big one right here. This is music that will redefine the listening experience of the vinyl format. Simply put, it deserves to be on vinyl!! If somebody were to come up to me and ask, “What’s your favorite band, if you could name only one?” I’d be yelling “CASPIAN!!” before they could finish their sentence. Phenomenal music, profound people. This band has an ethereal strength. A strength that has definitely impacted my listening experience in ways words can’t express. Your worst of times will be remedied by the sound of these tunes and the best of times will simply be amplified, exponentially!!

That’s not even it. My first opportunity to visit Denver, and in turn Scott and Justin from right here at Sly, was a day where we were all able to go and see Caspian live. This was the first time that any of us had a chance to see them live. And man, it was glorious!!

To top it all off, it’s on HOBBLEDEHOY! A kind fellow by the name Tom works over at this label and is one of the greatest, most down to Earth folks, you could ever chat with!! Coming full circle, this particular release is supporting some of the finest people out there… in all respects!!

I’m not sure how many readers we have from down in Australia, but this is certainly a moment for you folks to rejoice!

Down below you can stream the album in it’s entirety, check out a fan-made video of the title track, Waking Season, and view a live clip of the track, Halls of Summer!!

Caspian Blue

Shipping Statement from Hobbledehoy:

“SEA MAIL (Cheaper) international shipping option available on Caspian 2LP pre-orders:

After many requests from international customers unable to purchase the 2LP for high AIR MAIL costs, I have configured a SEA MAIL option to territories available. This will only work for orders containing the Waking Season 2LP, for the time being at least…

Savings will be most noticeable for UK/Europe, sometimes dropping down to as much as 60% of the original AIR MAIL rate. However, SEA MAIL is much slower, expect 8-12 weeks delivery. It also is more rough on packages, and while we will always pack with great care, as per our terms of service page “Hobbledehoy will not be held responsible for items lost, stolen, or damaged during transit.”

* Already placed an order and want to switch to SEA MAIL? No problem. Reply to your order confirmation email and let me know. I will refund the difference.

Australia Post is expensive. We’re a big country with a tiny population in the middle of nowhere surrounded by oceans. It makes sense. Now, hopefully this helps a few people out!

x Tom”

The Details

Pressing Info:
First Press: /250 Seafoam

Caspian, a post-rock quintet from Beverly, MA, latest full-length studio album – Waking Season was co-produced by Matt Bayles, former keyboard player from Minus the Bear and producer for such seminal albums as Isis’ Oceanic, Botch’s We Are Romans and Mastodon’s Blood Mountain. Waking Season is the follow-up to 2009′s album Tertia.

Price $30

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