NOTE: Although there are no numbers associated with this release… when it’s gone, it’s gone. I’m sure it’ll remain in print afterwords BUT it won’t be on this colorway.

Here we are yet again! CASPIAN!!

For those of you who know me well… I can’t get enough of this band. If I was to sell every piece of vinyl I own, I’d keep this batch of it, without question. Even though that means many pressings of the same exact record. These guys just know how to exude experiences through music in ways I’ve personally never connected to in all the listening, across all the genres, I’ve attempted. Not to mention, when we speak about the genre of post-rock?… these guys are a MUST for your collection!

Now, this is the THIRD pressing of the record (in the US). The initial pressing had a few variants (3 to be exact) while the second pressing was on White/Purple Starburst. All of these are goneeeeee. Be sure to snag this one while it’s available!!

Below, you’ll find streaming of the entire album via Bandcamp as well as 2 clips from Live at Larcom Theatre which was a 10 year anniversary show the band did in their hometown back in October of 2014. Speaking of Live at Larcom… you can also pick up a Blu-Ray, or digital download, of the entire show HEREEEEEE.

P.S. STAY TUNED. In a very short time we’ll be posting release information/pre-order links for CASPIAN’S NEW ALBUM as well as REPRESSES of TERTIA and LIVE AT OLD SOUTH CHURCH!!!!


“The breadth of the instrumentation employed on Waking Season’s 10 tracks is breathtaking; from the drum and vocal samples to the organically built ambient textures to the spiraling acoustic guitar arpeggios to the chilling, Brian Eno-esque piano in the title track to the live string quartet in “Procellous” to what sounds like a Mellotron in “Halls Of The Summer” to the hypnotizing loops in “Akiko.” Simply put, the album is fucking gorgeous. Caspian are one of the best bands in post-rock pushing the boundaries of the genre, expanding the scope of what is possible in instrumental rock music, and raising the bar for their peers—and Waking Season is arguably one of the best records of 2012.” -Riley Breckenridge of Alternative Press

The Details

Please select "Waking Season" Digipack CD or 2xLP on Forest Green Vinyl. Gatefold jacket. Vinyl includes digital download card.

CD and LP come with Digital Download. (Please allow 1-2 hours for digital processing.)

01. Waking Season
02. Procellous
03. Gone In Bloom and Bough
04. Halls of the Summer
05. Akiko
06. High Lonesome
07. Hickory '54
08. Long The Desert Mile
09. Collider In Blue
10. Fire Made Flesh

Price $24

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